2020 Global Tax Market Assessment
This annual publication, conducted in partnership with TaxSearch, Inc, and British based BPA, is the leading predictive analysis of trends facing corporate tax departments that could impact staffing and retention. The GTMA is distributed worldwide in the first quarter of each year and has become a "must-read" resource for tax, finance, and human resource professionals that lead or support the corporate tax function.
2019 Tax Hiring Outlook
TaxTalent, the career and leadership development community for tax professionals, recently released their findings on hiring trends within corporate tax departments. The 2019 Tax Hiring Outlook surveyed 400 corporate in-house tax staffing authorities on hiring strategies and projections for 2019.
2018 Diversity in Tax Report
Through this annual publication series and the 2018 report, we continue our commitment to inclusion and diversity by presenting the good news as well as the challenges that continue to exist for tax organizations attempting to achieve diversity in their employee ranks. This report identifies innovative approaches to attract, hire, and retain top tax talent as well as the perspective that enables us to see the critical intersections between retention, development hiring and diversity.
Exodus Webinar Series Part 2
Exodus Webinar Series Part 2
Global Tax Market Assessment Webinar 2020
Global Tax Market Assessment Webinar 2020 answers questions about tax trends.
COVID-19 Update - Major Trends Facing Tax Departments
As a CFO or financial leader overseeing a tax function, time is money. When hiring and retaining tax talent, the focus is often on salaries and development, but three pivotal trends threaten to consume bandwidth and complicate these endeavors.
DAC 6 is Coming – Will It Cause A Chilling Effect On The Use Of Outside Advisors?
Tax departments are being asked to do more work with fewer resources and I fear preparation for DAC 6 is not at the top of tax department's priority lists. July 1st is rapidly approaching and you must make time to create a strategy surrounding DAC 6 NOW.
Tax Hiring and Retention Oversights - Three Key Trends
Three key trends will make attracting, retaining and developing tax talent harder than ever.