Our Services


Retained Executive Search

TaxSearch Inc.'s exclusive search and analysis process allows our team to fully understand the needs of our clients and place the most qualified candidates that fill even the most challenging tax positions. We conduct executive searches in the $150K to $1M plus salary range and the fee is 30% based on the total compensation. Fees are 1/3 up front 1/3 at 60 days or shortlist and 1/3 at start date.

Benchmark Compensation

Our Benchmark Compensation Studies are the most accurate reports available. We provide quantitative and qualitative data not found in traditional generic salary sources. Our studies help client attract and retain top tax professionals at a cost-effective price. Fees for individual studies start at $2,500 per position based on discounted volume.

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a confidential market intelligence service for tax employers who are looking to identify and profile talent for strategic benchmarking purposes. The primary goal of talent mapping is to connect staffing goals and objectives with strategic workforce planning. The cost is $25k and the fee can be applied to a full executive search.

Organization Assessments

Our custom tax department organizational assessments provide the comparable insight and data to help tax leaders make more strategic hiring decisions for key tax positions. Assessments are quoted and agreed upon based on individual client requirements.

Budget Optimization

We have a unique ability to place seasoned corporate in-house tax professionals on long-term strategic or shorter-term critical assignments. Within our related company offerings, TaxForce provides a cost-effective solution that provides consistent, high-quality talent. There are no upfront costs to use this service and all hourly fees are agreed upon before the start of the engagement. We also offer a 100% guarantee on every placement.

Total Hiring Solutions

Our Target Hiring Campaign utilizes a proven process to help you fill critical positions in your tax department by attracting the right candidates, utilizing our resources, and allowing you to personally engage with highly qualified candidates. Within our related company offerings, TaxJobs provides a unique platform to fill low to mid-tier level positions


Non-US Services

Non-U.S. Services - We have built a relationship with a tax professional recruiter in the UK, called BPA Search. We recommend all our clients to them when they need to recruit in the UK and Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. We also work with BPA Search when creating our annual global tax market assessment.