At TaxSearch, we focus on recruiting, retention and the development of top leadership talent for corporate tax departments. As one of the largest executive search firms specializing in tax, we serve some of the world’s top brands, including companies in the Fortune 500. With a track record of filling open positions with exceptional speed, TaxSearch has earned an enviable reputation. Led by one of the world’s premier experts in tax executive search, we publish critical research that Finance, Tax and Human Resource leaders rely on to better understand the evolving challenges of the tax marketplace. When you need to fill critical gaps in your corporate tax team, TaxSearch delivers highly trusted expertise with efficiency and competence. 


Tony Santiago

President, TaxSearch, Inc. and TaxTalent
Tony Santiago is a recognized global leader in executive search, retention and talent development for major corporate tax departments. For over thirty years, Santiago has developed a reputation as the trusted authority for a portfolio of Fortune 100 tax and finance leaders that desire to build and/or maintain a world-class tax function. Santiago specializes in large corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions, corporate spin-offs and tax department restructurings. Santiago founded TaxSearch in 1987 and today leads a team of expert consultants, recruiters and support staff that serve two primary markets in the tax profession: 1. Tax, Finance, and HR leaders who have a proactive interest in aligning their tax function to the business goals and objectives of the companies they serve. 2. Tax professionals who have a serious desire to invest in their career growth and leadership development. Today, Santiago leads a group of companies that work in tandem to provide an unmatched level of service to the tax profession.