Our Process


The Tax Search Recruiting Process Optimizes Search Results by Matching Employer & Candidate Needs and Wants

TaxSearch Inc. has developed one of the most innovative employer and candidate matching processes in the recruiting industry. Because our search model is so successful, most of our new clients come from actual tax candidates that have previously experienced our search process.

Our strength comes from a proven and trusted consultative approach where we align with the strategic objectives of both the tax functions and the candidates we serve. We are experienced advisors that provide expert insight and solutions in tax recruiting, retention and talent development.

We begin each new search with a comprehensive but rapid search analysis. In most cases, this initial process takes around one hour. The results of the analysis generally eliminate the chance of expectations not being met during and after the search process. If there is any roadblock that could prevent a new search from being a success, we stop the process. No fees are ever charged until the search analysis is complete.

Our search methodology is based on our proven four-box needs and wants model. This is how we are able to successfully match the employer and candidate with the lowest margin of error.


Our commitment is to never take on any client search or represent a candidate unless we have alignment in two primary areas.

1. The Needs and Wants from both the Employer & Candidate.

These are determined up front with the client search stakeholders. Needs are absolute. They are qualifications or assets that the candidates must have in order for a successful placement. Wants are preferences. These are the areas employers would like to have in a candidate and we prioritize these for every search.

2. Sign-Off from the “Circle of Influence” from both parties.

The circle of influence are those individuals who participate in and/or ultimately support the hiring decision. Unlike other search and recruiting models, the team at TaxSearch includes anyone in the process that fits within the “circle of influence” from both the employer and candidate side. Every client is shown the four box process up front so they clearly understand the depth and commitment our team has to make successful matches for all parties included.

The Needs and Wants of the Employer Candidate

TaxSearch Analysis

1. Requirements - We determine exactly what an employer is looking for in the new hire. We identify the primary job responsibilities and expectations. We break those responsibilities down into year one, two and three. We also quantify these responsibilities by placing a percentage of time the candidate can expect to focus on in each area.

2. Deliverables - We document the job deliverables. We determine how the employer will be evaluating this candidate at the end of twelve months and by what measurement. We help employers identify the accomplishments they would like to see that would warrant a high evaluation.

3. Alignment - We determine what the employer offers the candidate. Ultimately, we must ensure that the employer’s offer is in direct alignment with the needs and wants of the target candidate profile. We ask the question, would a candidate that meets all the needs and wants of the employer be willing to take the right offer?

4. Identify - We proceed to the candidate profile and identify what we consider to be an ideal candidate match. We reverse engineer and prioritize what needs and wants and hard and soft skills this potential hire would likely need to have. In doing this, we are able to drill down and create a candidate template to compare against the job responsibilities and deliverables.

5. Confirm - Finally, we confirm that the employer’s offer is also in alignment with both the job responsibilities and job deliverables. If these parameters all lineup, we obtain a sign-off from the employer and those within the circle of influence. At this point, we are fully prepared to go to market on behalf of the employer.

Our Candidate Search Process

1. Target - Once the initial Search Analysis is complete, we are formally engaged by our client. We then go to market with the data and search parameters and recruit aggressively. We are uniquely positioned to be able to identify tax candidates who will meet the needs and wants of our clients.

2. Engagement - TaxSearch markets to both active and passive tax candidates through our proprietary database of more than 100,000 tax professionals as well as a network of distributive marketing channels that we strategically leverage in every search.

3. Document - We document the job deliverables. We determine how the employer will be evaluating this candidate at the end of twelve months and by what measurement. We help employers identify the accomplishments they would like to see that would warrant a high evaluation.

4. Involvement - Based on our initial depth of involvement during the search analysis, we are able to ask and answer key questions for target candidates. This builds trust and provides us with the market intelligence we require to properly match the needs and wants on both sides of the table.

5. Care - While conducting the candidate search, we also speak to every spouse in the process making sure the candidate’s circle of influence is also taken into account. Candidates appreciate our transparency, confidentiality, and approach because we waste as little time as possible for anyone we contact or screen throughout our search process.

We are committed to taking on only those searches we know will be successful. Our search process is one of the most comprehensive and streamlined in the recruiting profession. Our reputation over three decades is grounded in our unique ability to match the needs and wants of all parties.